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May 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
back. >> she the accused master mind of the deadliest attack in united states history. they have nearly 3000 counts of murder. >> they are going to be in jail for the rest of their lives or dead. >> another hearing is set for next month. it could be a year before the case goes to trial. >> an air strike has killed a leader. 17 sailors died in that attack and. >>> debate is gearing up in north carolina as they vote on the same sex emergency rage thing. it will make the only ewe nonmarriage. same sex marriage is illegal in north carolina. it validate itself all civil unions. su port ors say that it's a necessary state while critics while that it's going to create a dangerous precedence. >> the reason that we have to put it in the constitution is that half of the other states had a hand full of judges change the law of those states. >> how people feel on them is a matter of their con could you say. do they want to support voting on supporting hate in the consultation. >> the amendment is likely will to pass. >> by dan says that he is comfortable with the idea. >> i am vice president of the
May 26, 2012 11:00pm PDT
terminals process. shh kwon sh >>vicki: while the weather is taking over parts of the united states. >> a string of tornadoes touched down in kansas overnight. storage users checked the damage on saturday. >> tornadoes touched down all over the place. there were more than seven of them. >> crews are monitoring a brush fire near disney world in orlando. >> it takes nothing for a brush fire to become a big fire luckily no one has been hurt or displaced. >> the fire caused heavy smoke along the interstate for prompting a highway patrol to close the trustee to traffic. it reopened later. for this weekend, look for a cloudy start to the date. a lot of fog would drizzle near the coast. paul and a live here is a look at fog tracker 4. the fog is already pushing inland and will continue to move to the east. notice again, " by 10:00 a.m. there is still fall bayside, maybe even some fog towards a livermore. it will eventually back to the coast by noon but still hanging down at the beaches all the way into the afternoon hours. >> significant warming on wednesday, thursday and friday. >>
Apr 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
and abdomen. separation surgery is performed six times a year in the united states. doctors say the twins are progressing on schedule. they are looking forward to their upcoming third birthday in august. there will be a party mom says. >> i am so happy. >> reporter: rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >>> high temperatures today were cooler than yesterday. closer to the coast line. away from the coast line temperatures were just as warm. 85 in antioch. 85 pleasanton. 82 in san jose. a look at the weather headlines, over night expecting areas of fog. seeing reduced visibility long the san mateo coast line. mild temperatures over night. tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny skies and cooler temperatures, more so than today with winds picking up. later this week, thursday brings us a chance of rain. first satellite and radar. clouds earlier this afternoon. to the evening. right now we are seeing fog long the coast line. also into the inland valleys at this hour. fog tracker, fog south of the golden gate bridge tomorrow and through san jose. we will see it along the coast line. you see it is clearing. i thi
May 9, 2012 11:00pm PDT
's words send a strong message. >> our leader, the highest ranking official in the united states of america is saying that he is in support of marriage equality. that carries more weight than anybody else saying it. >> reporter: the couple says there is some disappointment that the president said it will be up to each individual state to decide whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage. >> that's a hard one for us. we really do feel like it's a constitutional right, and we are taking the most aggressive approach we can in our state, in california, since prop 8 took away the right to marriage for us. so we are looking for a national solution. >>> spirits were high in the castro district as well today. gay couples in california have been married before, only to have their union voided by the state. many gay californians are hoping they'll be able to legally marry again. >> i'm hopeful that possibly even later this year, if the federal court of appeals' decision is allowed to stand. >> and today is one of the greatest days, the first time ever the president of this country has supported the
May 11, 2012 11:00pm PDT
numbers in the united states but that is not the story in california. experts say gas prices will rise over night and then keep climbing. kron 4's kate thompson explains how it is driving up the price here. >> reporter: filling up, phil shells out $100 to fill up. >> hard on business. personal physicals. everything. >> reporter: a sharp jump in prices, 20 cents a gallon in the next week, owners like phil are getting clobbered. >> discouraging to see the price go up, when it is higher than it has been in years. >> reporter: a gallon in san francisco costs $4.40. but several issues that produce california special clean burning gas brought production to a halt and supply is low. prices in the bay area have risen, 12 cents a gallon this week. people will soon be looking at higher prices. reporting in san francisco, kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>> high temperatures today were certainly warmer inland. low 90s. coast line temperatures were in the 70s. the fog did roll in. here is a look outside. you can't see very much at city hall. fog. you can see the lights behind the fog. moving into san
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5